2011 Super Bowl Ads

I found this ad to be the most pleasant surprise of the night 🙂 Without a doubt, the best ad this Super Bowl brought us was the Volkswagen – Darth Vader – commercial. Great mix: cute, clean, short, memorable, easy to understand and counting with over 13 million views after the game. Someone at Deutsch http://www.deutschinc.com  (the ad agency responsible for this ad) must be very happy these days.
The Healing Power of Doritos. I do not like Doritos but definitely love the smile their commercials put on my guy friends’ faces…The big surprise here is that the creators of this ad are not geniuses from a famous agency. Two “nobodies from nowhere” (quoting USA Today) are the creators of this ‘masterpiece’. Unemployed brothers from Batesville, Ind. came up with the idea and cashed in an award for the modest amount of $1 million!
Chevy Runs Deep. The bad news: the campaign’s slogan is still a little disturbing (at least for me). I can hear someone’s voice right now saying: ‘that’s what she said’. The idea behind the slogan is to broaden Chevy’s image, break it out of the box. Using loose wording allows for flexibility, I say it’s confusing but oh well. Furthermore, aside from being funny the ad says absolutely nothing about Chevy, its products, commitment, brand positioning…nothing. They are lucky Ms. Evelyn is a hot looking chick otherwise their dollars would have been wasted on this one. The good news: the ad was nicely executed and pretty funny. The great news: the car industry is bouncing back…this year’s Super Bowl was dominated by car ads, there were so many of them it is hard to remember them all!


What’s a Bieber? I am undecided about this one. I love the fact that Mr. Bieber can crack a joke at his own expense (in case you did not notice the guy at the end of the ad saying: ‘it looks like a girl’ is Justin Bieber dressed as an old man). Reviews on this ad are very mixed so I can’t even be influenced or persuaded by anyone else’s opinion. 
Et Al: There were some other good ads, Bridgestone Tires did good with its beaver karma ad. Coke was all over the place (at least the slogan was consistent: Open Happiness), I miss the Always Coca Cola days.
Pepsi was a disaster, Pepsi Max? ugh, the name alone spells failure, I guess we will wait and see. Go Daddy was a huge disappointment, however the company claims that their ‘The Contract’ commercial broke all past traffic records to their site. Brisk Tea and Eminem, not a good one. Eminem’s appearance in the Brisk’s ad took so much away from his Chrysler-Detroit commercial. The Chrysler ad was excellent: “Imported from Detroit” was a great tagline and the ad itself captured the American spirit. Sketchers and Kim Kardashian: blah, gorgeous girl, stupid ad. BMW: Designed in America, Built in America. We ought to give them credit for trying.
VERIZON: not only is this giant making the right moves to dominate the wireless communications/data management industry, they completely surprised us by bringing back the “I can hear you now” dude. He has gained a few pounds (loved that) keeping it realistic. When my friends saw his face pop in the screen their reaction was priceless: “Dude, he is back!” as if a long lost friend had just popped in to say hi. Good job!
A final thought on ad remakes. I think that ‘borrowing’ and/or ‘improving’ someone else’s ideas is allowed in the advertising game. After all certain concepts are much like primary colors. However not all attempts to improve a classic prove to be successful. Judge for yourself:

**I prefer the 1984 one by far**

2 thoughts on “2011 Super Bowl Ads

  1. thanks for sharing


  2. Of course, I like the Apple Commercial better, but let's stop and think more about Motorola's add. Does it have a hidden (or not so hidden) meaning? It says: “I am not afraid of you apple, so I am going to steal your product appeal and your commercial!”And I think it may have worked on me. I would like to put the IPAD and Motorola's Tablet next to each other and have them duke it out.


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