Country Brands: The Colombia is Passion Example

Well, call me biased. I had to showcase my pride and joy, my homeland, ‘mi tierra querida‘: our Colombia. 

A beautiful land with two oceans; three mountain ranges; incredible forests and landscapes; a sea of seven colors; a rich indigenous past mixed with unstoppable progress and growth; a country full of creative and incredible people. As a well known advertising campaign stated it: The Risk is Wanting to Stay

What can I say? I grew up reading the works of master Garcia Marquez, yes, I am a ‘hundred years of solitude‘ child. Who doesn’t love Shakira and her sexy moves? Did you know that Colombia is the second largest exporter of flowers in the world after the Netherlands? This may come as a shocker but yes, we are indeed ranked amongst the happiest people on earth. Here is an interesting fact 10% of the world’s flora and fauna is in Colombia despite the fact that its geographical extent covers less than 1% of the earth. 

A few years ago a group of researchers set out to find a common denominator amongst Colombians. The purpose of this project was to find competitive advantages that would position the country as an attractive target for tourism and foreign investment, but most importantly to create a unified self-image amongst Colombians. It was concluded that the driving force for our tenacity and excellence is passion. Passion is the best raw material of our citizens. More than a brand, Colombia is Passion, has become a feeling that identifies a unique social and cultural group: Colombians. 

Why a country brand?  In recent years Colombia has made progress in different areas such as security, economy and quality of life indicators, among others. Every day, Colombians are noted for business, artistic, sporting and personal achievements. This new reality allowed Colombia to consider the need to generate a label that would become a powerful tool to reflect these changes to the world.

Other Countries Establishing Their Country Brands:

Australia:  There is nothing like Australia

South Africa:  It’s Possible 
**Not only their country branding campaign has been successful, keep in the mind the national pride and global exposure they gained through the recent world cup thanks to FIFA**

Spain:  I need Spain 

India:  Incredible India

Talk about large scale marketing and advertising. These campaigns have taken whole countries and changed their images for its inhabitants and the world itself.


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