I encourage you to be selfish!

I encourage you to be selfish.

Does the selfish person divide or multiply? An efficient selfish person is one who multiplies I would say. Selfishness taken to the extreme is lethal not only to one’s soul but to one’s interactions with the world. However, I think that the root of selflessness is found in selfishness.
How can you effectively care for someone if you don’t care for yourself first? How can you inspire someone if you don’t care to take yourself to an inspirational level? How can you instill principles in others if you don’t take the time to grow and learn them yourself? You need to be selfish in order to get to a place where your selflessness can have a positive impact on others.
Sit down and spend time refining yourself before going out to the world to multiply in others. Mediocrity needs not to be replicated. Poor character and destructive leadership needs not to be duplicated. We must strive to reproduce the best of us in others. Plant a good seed and let it blossom into something beautiful and worthy of this planet. There are many who call themselves transformational leaders using techniques to divide and conquer, seeking their own interest. They remind me of the story of the man who killed the goose that laid the golden eggs driven by instant gratification. Short sighted leaders is what they are. A transformational leader does not bestow such title upon himself, it is granted by the fruit of his labor. The more quality you give to those who follow you the more they grow, and as they grow so will you.
I am here thinking about how I want to impact my world, and realize that I still have much to grow before I can
go out there and pretend to multiply myself in others. I want to get to that point where I pour my heart and soul out to see someone else reach his/her potential.
Just a thought from a transformational leader in the making.

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