The Heat is on!! Our team is only points away from a historical championship. I have enjoyed the past few games at home, eating hot pizza and sipping wine, but tonight there is no pizza in this house. Why you might ask. Why, if Papa Johns is offering 50% to Heat fans? Well, because two nights ago, my pizza was handled by a cashier whose hands were full of flour as she received money and gave change to other customers. She then proceeded to prepare more pizzas without washing her hands!! Ew, gross I know. I took the pizza home without putting up a fight, just because I was tired and did not have the energy to deal with the issue at the time.

I have of course sent an email to their customer service department. Papa had not disappointed me before. I can tolerate a rude attendant here and there, a delayed delivery is understandable, but mishandling food at a restaurant in front of customers goes against the core of the business!

I received a canned response thanking me for sharing my comments. I am not looking for coupons or freebies (I already know all of their good discount codes anyway). I am expecting a response addressing my concern and a good reason as to why I should bother going back to them…after all Dominos, Pizza Hut, Steve’s Pizza, and more are just around the corner.

UPDATE: I received a call from the store manager to apologize and to ask for a description of the employee I mentioned in my comments. According to him, there have been multiple complaints about the same issue over the past few weeks and he wants to identify the employee without getting her coworkers involved. I never went back to that store therefore I cannot tell if or how the food mishandling issue was resolved.

Yes, I still buy from Papa Johns but definitely not from that store!

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