New members of the family :)

cuddling with my dad

After many visits to the local shelter in search of a little guy to become the newest member of a quasi empty nest; my parents ran across the beautiful pups pictured below.  Their mother was put to sleep the day my parents met them after she came down with a bad case of kennel flu.  The litter of 7 was one hour away from being put down as well; my parents could not believe the fate these little defenseless ones would face. They offered to take one home but were told they had to take all 7 or nothing. All or nothing? After a long discussion my parents agreed to take 2 of the puppies home knowing they could not care for a litter of 7. The other five were put down that night.

feeding the tiny girl

The adorable creatures have lived with my parents for over a week now and are

still fighting the flu they inherited from their mother. They are a little over 2 weeks old now and are starting to walk around and play with each other. Caring for puppies this age is much like caring for a human baby; they cry for food every two hours, need to be kept very warm and need tons of affection. I am very much looking forward to seeing them grow into beautiful dogs, survivors of the cruelty brought upon their kind by the carelessness of our kind.

My entire family is now on a quest for names for the puppies. My proposal is to name the boy Tut (as in Tutankhamen) and the girl Cleo (as in Cleopatra), any better ideas? I guess for now what matters is that they have found a loving home !

little King Tut waking up

2 thoughts on “New members of the family :)

  1. OOOH !! They are real darlings in a good home. Take care. Ralph x


    1. Thanks…they are growing up so fast šŸ™‚


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