My early valentines :)

Just wanted to share the beautiful flowers my darling sent me this morning as an early Valentines present 🙂

I don’t blog too much about my relationship as I find it a little ‘cheesy’…maybe I just haven’t thought through the idea yet. Anyhow, I was having a very hectic day when I received a call from the front desk notifying me a secret admirer had sent me flowers. I rushed downstairs as I could not wait to read the note from my not so secret admirer. The note was written in Spanish and signed: from your hunnie. It put a huge smile on my face!

The delivery guy said something so simple, yet so true: “you must have planted a seed somewhere, sometime, and it turned into flowers today”.

Do you know where you have planted your seed? Seeds do not necessarily turn into flowers but they do bear fruit. My prayer is that my seeds are always planted in good people so that they may always bear fruit. 


Image Loving my valentines bouquet!

3 thoughts on “My early valentines :)

  1. vaya que tambien hablas el español!


    1. Si, afortunadamente mis padres no han permitido que lo olvide. Es un idioma precioso 🙂


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