Finding love online: Garepito

Moving from Miami to Middle Tennessee has been really tough at times. As much as I have grown to appreciate my new home I miss Miami terribly…I miss my family and friends, the ocean, the food, the sights, the crazy cultural mix, the languages…the madness.

At some point being homesick became hard to endure and I took to the internet to find the soul mate I was missing…it was just like online dating. I spent endless hours searching through profiles as my next love was to be found on…and this is how I met my furry love: online. The post read: Charlie, an adoptable dog in Nashville.

It was love at first sight! The seven pound ball of energy barking from the other side of the kennel stole my heart. We met in a little visitation room and I knew he would come home with me that day. I sent Garrett a picture of the puppy close to my face and he said we looked cute together; I translated that statement into approval and signed all the adoption paperwork right away.

No longer an adoptable
No longer an adoptable

I wasn’t crazy about the name Charlie so the puppy was named Garepito upon arrival to our home. Garepito means ‘little Garrett’ which is the perfect fit for him. Garepito has turned out to be a super sweet and smart puppy.  He loves meeting new people, as a matter of fact he has met well over 150 people in his short life. He loves traveling; he has flown to and from Miami, been to the beach, visited Chattanooga and other cool places in Tennessee. The boy knows a wide range of commands; anything from high five to playing dead and praying for his food. He loves to snuggle and cuddle.

All in all, Garepito has made a great addition to our family. It may be hard to put it into words but having him around has made my transition to life in Tennessee a lot easier. I love coming home to a little guy wagging his tail and making all sorts of sounds to welcome me. I love feeling his wet nose on my hand when he is trying to wake me up. Above all things, I love seeing Garrett rolling on the floor asking his puppy to show his belly so he can rub it.

We are now settling into our new home, puppy proofing what we can and looking forward to the opportunity of cuddling by the fireplace to watch a movie with Garepito…no longer an adoptable 🙂

PK, enjoying life in the country.

6 thoughts on “Finding love online: Garepito

  1. Awesome story. Lucky dog to be loved and find such a good home.

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    1. Thank you Veda. I feel I am the lucky one for finding him. Happy birthday to your friend from Middle Tennessee 🙂

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