Obama, the ponies and the guava. Life at the farm.

Obama loves his life at the farm
Obama loves his life at the farm

I have a friend. My friend has a farm and two ponies. The ponies’ names are Horse #1 and Horse #2 (my friend needs help, clearly.) There is a chicken at the farm, a very young one, his name is Obama (my friend really needs help.) My friend also grows guava, hence the name of this post: Obama, the ponies and the guava.

Obama came to the farm as a happy accident. You see, my friend bought a special hen, one that lays green and brown eggs. He then got a very exotic rooster for this lady, one known to scare eagles away with his over sized confidence and ego. However, my friend had no experience with oviparous love making. After much trial and error mother nature in its infinite wisdom took its course, the hen figured things out on her own and this is how Obama was born. I choose not to elaborate on the naming of this chicken as it is irrelevant to the story. Obama and his folks now share the farm with two ponies that were gifted to my friend, but the poor things still have no name.

Life at the farm for these unique tenants is what South Florida is to snowbirds: paradise. They enjoy lazy days under the sun, the shade provided by palm trees and the housing provided by an amateur farmer, my friend. From time to time they feast on low hanging fruit from the guava trees.

I don’t know much about guava but apparently there are over 100 species of this fruit growing all over the world. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes … all I know is that they are good for you šŸ™‚

I love life at the farm, it makes you appreciate the very basics of life. The wonderful smell of the earth, the beautiful wisdom of nature, the sweet tenderness of motherly instincts, the loyalty that comes from dependency, the simplicity of happiness. My friend’s farm encapsulates the simplicity of life and the complexity of commitment.

I have enjoyed my first breakfast with greenish/brownish eggs laid by Obama … and they were good šŸ™‚

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