Life in the ‘frozen’ country

The Polar Vortex is gone! It’s 56 degrees in Middle Tennessee today and I never thought 56 could feel so warm for a South Floridian like me. It’s my first winter experience and days in the low single digits were not on my bucket list. We had wind chills in the negative 20s which create a feeling of piercing cold. I craved my sunny South Florida and its alternate reality so much.

I am glad we had the experience though. We survived record low temperatures; Tennessee had not been this cold in 20 years. It almost felt like the proper welcome the state wanted to give us…an intense, memorable winter. I had never seen my car wrapped in an inch of ice, I did not know how to handle that. Thank God for my faithful broomstick, it did the trick.

Driving on icy roads is quite challenging, but the views my new home state had to offer were breathtaking. You know all those white Christmas cards we love to give and receive? That is what Middle Tennessee looked like during those days…a perfect landscape covered in white flurries and ice. Somewhat whimsical.

Trees are hibernating, bugs are hiding, the ground is frozen…nature lays still. I am looking forward to the beauty spring will reveal. I begin to understand why people love living through clearly defined seasons. They give us the beautiful experience of anticipation.

I miss you Miami…I am starting to feel a little more at home in my new zip code.

PK – A humble genius in frozen Tennessee.

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