¡Adios Peru! Hello Ecuador :)

All great things must come to an end, our time in Cusco is up and we are now headed back to Lima. We’ll sit at the airport for 2 hours then board a plane to our next destination; Quito, Ecuador.


The view from the airplane gives me chills, my mountains are fading in the distance as we make our way to the coast. How can a piece of land hold such gravitational force on my heart? Garrett and I promise to come back to the Andes, next time will be in Colombia 🙂

We catch the first half of the Australia vs. Netherlands game. What a game! We are hanging out with a lot of Colombians as our flight’s final destination is Medellin. We cheer for both teams and the excitement with every beautiful play increases. Garrett is finally watching. Se siente la pasion del futbol 🙂

Our flight partner is a beautiful Colombian girl who is very prompt to share her passion for life and our country with Garrett. “Our mountains are greener” she claims. I know it’s true. We chat all the way to Quito where we part ways; she is going to Medellin.


Our cab driver offers to take us to the Middle of the World which is a 2 hour drive from the airport. The landscape is beautiful and he shares a lot of fun facts and stories about Ecuador. Arriving to the 0° latitude is special. We are really and truly standing on the bellybutton of the world!

Garrett and I position ourselves for our picture, he stands on the northern hemisphere and I stand on the southern hemisphere. A dream come true 🙂 Before our departure, we get to see a ceremony to the Sun god offered by local indians. This coming Saturday, June 21st marks one of the most important celebrations in Inca culture, the summer solstice.


Alfonso, the driver, takes us to a local crafts shop where Garrett charms the owner and negotiates prices like a champion. We give Alfonso a few presents for his wife as a thank you for showing us his beautiful country.

We head back to Quito at dusk and wrap up the 5th day of our adventure. What comes next is the dream of a lifetime. Galapagos!!!!!!

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