Diving in the Galapagos

We boarded a diving boat at 7:30 am and quickly made friends with other divers and the crew. The trip to Plazas was about 30 minutes, this was the site for our check out dive.

I was ready, gear on, jumped in and right out again … this dive wasn’t for me. I felt like I was dreaming and freaked out at the thought of being underwater. Garrett was very understanding and though the dive master tried to persuade me, I refused. I sat out both dives and chose to stay on the boat puking and chatting with the captain. It wasn’t all lost though; I was regaled with a graceful display by sea lions, got to see a giant school of fish swim by, and even got a greeting from a sea turtle.


When we got back to the port we saw hundreds of blue-footed boobies diving into the ocean … I mean, hundreds! It was an amazing show! The ride back was uneventful, as we got to higher ground, clouds and drizzle moved in and then disappeared as we moved to lower ground on the other side of the island.

The afternoon was simple. A visit to a ‘finca’ where we met the legendary Galapagos tortoise, as well as a short visit to a tunnel created by lava flow. When you have seen so much beauty some things appear unimpressive. We didn’t think much of the lava tunnel.


Ecuador’s game against Honduras was exciting. We made it back on time to watch the second half and oh boy, what madness! The triumph over the Central American country brought people out to the streets in celebration, we celebrated as well 🙂

To wrap up the day we went to the fish market (where the sea lions hang out), and had one of the most delicious meals of our trip, deep fried fish with green plantains and rice. We shared a table with some locals and listened to pregnancy advice from someone who claimed that spicy sauce is bad when you are breastfeeding.

Hasta mañana 🙂

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  1. Happy seals ,hahahah.nice picture

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