Galapagos – Nesting blue footed boobie

Blue footed boobie Galapagos
Proud blue footed boobie admiring her egg

“Everything the bird does in the courtship process is deliberate and exaggerated, from cocky strutting to make-make-believe placement of nesting material that is designed purely for show, in no way serving to build a nest.

The enthralling display begins with a gaudy, feet-to-the-fore landing salute, and escalates through many self-important bows and nods to a rocking dance, the bird slowly lifting each fully-spread blue web.

The whole performance culminates in an all out sky pointing contortion, with wings, beak and tail all straining vertically at the same time. For full effect this startling act is accompanied by a drawn-out whistle if the actor is a male, or an equally plaintive honk for the female’s turn.”

Tui de Roy

Wildlife & nature photographer


Photograph by Garrett Feldman – Edited by Karol Feldman


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