Early motherhood lesson

3 weeks of motherhood in summary: I am learning every day and my teacher weighs a little under 8 pounds and expects me to know today’s curriculum yesterday. Keeps me on my toes.

A lesson I would like to share with expecting and future mothers: if you plan on breastfeeding do your homework in advance. During pregnancy everyone shares glorious and downright scary labor stories. Labor lasts a few hours, a day or two…it’s such a big event, it’s only natural people want to talk about it (a lot). I was frequently asked if I was going ‘natural’, did I want an epidural, did I take lamaze classes, etc.

No one really talked about the biggest hurdle I would face postpartum. Not lack of sleep or the scary thought of being 100% responsible for this tiny angel. The biggest challenge I have faced thus far has been breastfeeding. I didn’t know this was a skill that had to be learned. Didn’t know pain and endurance were part of the mix.  I didn’t know there was a thing called ‘proper latch’ and failure to do this could result in cracked and sore nipples. Breastfeeding can be hard and when not done properly extremely discouraging.

Thankfully, I’ve had access to great resources; a lactation consultant, a great book, good websites and my ever patient husband. I want to especially thank two ladies who have encouraged me, answered questions in the middle of the night, shared their own struggles and victories, and helped me get over the very hard, first few days of my breastfeeding relationship with Ava.

Christine & Lorena: THANK YOU! I am so glad I haven’t given up. I love seeing Ava’s big brown eyes staring at me as she eats…there’s nothing sweeter than the smile that comes after she falls asleep with a full belly. We are enjoying it a day at a time 🙂


Update: our baby is almost 2 months old now and breastfeeding is going great. The pain is behind and I am so glad we have overcome the different challenges that have presented along the way.

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    Nice article and GREAT picture!

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