A little trip to the Virgin Islands




Family vacation officially started 24 hours ago when we all met at Saint Thomas’ airport. Sun, beaches, green hills…the contrast with the below freezing temperatures and snowy days we left behind is rather brutal.

We are staying in a beautiful villa in Caret Bay. The views are stunning! Making our way up the windy, poorly paved roads…not so fun. Thankfully Garrett has taken up the challenging job of driving out car, which by the way has to be done on the other sign of the road. As if not being able to tell my right from my left wasn’t bad enough.

The island itself is not as pretty as I expected. It’s pretty, but the roads are in poor condition, the way construction is laid out takes some getting used to and some of the areas of town we have seen appear to be very ran down. a


Our first adventure led us to Coki Beach. Beautiful place! The crystal turquoise water made it one of the best beaches I have seen. Ava got her feet wet a few times but overall seemed more interested in hanging out with me than playing in the water.

The issue with the beach, sadly, are the endless and spicy quarrels amongst the people serving tourists. They fight over customers with very salty words and loud tones. It got to the point where we did not want to order anymore because things escalated very fast.

We are done grocery shopping, expensive, and heading back to our villa to have dinner and more rum…rum is so cheap, we might be better off drinking rum than drinking milk.

Hope the night sky is as beautiful as it was yesterday.

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