Marketing lesson from a 3-year-old

Our mom stepped out of the room for a moment, that’s when Maira and I learned that Sebas, our 3-year-old brother, knew an inappropriate word for bottom. Maira was 9 years old at the time, I was 11, and this is one of our favorite childhood stories.

The three of us were watching TV and there was no place for Maira to sit since Sebas had taken up two seats with his toys. Maira kindly asked him to make room for her and he refused. What followed was a beautiful illustration of a marketing principle.

  • Maira: If you don’t move your toys, where am I supposed to sit?
  • Sebas: well, you can sit on your @$& (insert 3-letter-word starting with a and ending with ss)
  • Maira: excuse me?!
  • Sebas: you can sit on your @$&
Childhood memories in Colombia

We were stunned by the hilarity and intentionaly of his words. Our mom walked back in and we recreated the comical scene for her. Maira sheepeshly asked Sebas once again to move his toys so she could sit down. Not knowing our mom was in the room, he shrugged and kept playing.

  • Mom: ahem, Sebas, where is Maira supposed to sit?
  • Sebas: (wide-eyed and oh, so quick on his little feet) … well, on a chair of course!

And this was the moment I learned the importance of knowing your audience.

Thank you Sebas 😉


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