Forming. Storming. Norming. Performing … Adjourning. I love using the stages of team formation as a tool to set expectations, preemptively address challenges, and point out what success looks like when a team assembles. This tool became part of my playbook during my time at Lee Company. As a marketing team, we had a clear … Continue reading STAGES OF TEAM FORMATION

23 years and 11 days

23 years and 11 days ago, I tied the laces of my oversized Brahma boots and took one last look at the room in which I slept the night before. Boxes with clothes, toys, and books were piled against the wall with the promise of soon reuniting with us. That promise was broken. In one … Continue reading 23 years and 11 days

Habemus Literary Representation

I am officially represented by the wonderful Jennifer Mattson! Joining the Andrea Brown Literary Agency is a dream

Marketing lesson from a 3-year-old

My 3-year-old brother taught me one of the key principles of marketing. I carry this lesson with me every single day.


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