Forever free? Post again.

Facebook’s newest scheme.

Forever free? Post again.

I took to Facebook to post a comment on the vice presidential debate a few minutes ago and the ‘Promote this post’ dialog box popped up. I had already heard about this new feature therefore I was not surprised to see it. However, the fact that there is no clear description of what the service accomplishes was very surprising. Sure, $7 will get my post to show higher in my friends’ news feed…for how long? a day? a week? a month? until I get X amount of impressions?

What if many of my friends decide to do the same? what posts get priority then? Does paying this fee ensure my friends will see the post even if they decide not to scroll down through their feed? And, who came up with the magic number, lucky 7?  $7 seems a bit steep for such a short lived service.

I had to go through the help center and FAQs in order to find some additional information regarding this new scheme; by the way there is no clear differentiation between promoting personal and sponsored pages postings. The answer to the question how long does a promoted post run is vague: they run until they are no longer eligible to show in feeds. What does that mean? Why is there no link to the ‘promoted posts’ service description in the dialog pop up on my wall? Why is there no reference to it in the payment terms page? Why do I have to search for this 2 or 3 layers into the help center section? Not very intuitive in my opinion.

I doubt this new attempt at advertising profitability will yield impressive results…the company’s stock certainly does not reflect any improvement since the announcement of the ‘promote post’ was made earlier this month.

Where is the dislike button when you need it?


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