Captured happiness


This picture was taken in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy, while I spent a summer abroad polishing my Italian (which is rusty due to lack of use). Everyday after class, I would walk around the city, contemplate il Duomo, and offer directions to lost tourists as I made my way to my quite place…Ponte Vecchio. The city’s old bridge became a magical place for me. I would spend endless hours waiting for the sunset over the Arno river, watching tourists bargain with vendors over jewelry prices, listening to aspiring musicians with no audiences, taking it all in, quietly.

This picture reflects one of the happiest moments of my life. I felt absolutely at ease, worry free, not too excited though my heart was beating really fast. I love this picture. There is nothing fancy about it, but I can always close my eyes and relive that moment…the breeze was fresh, sunset was about to take place, there were thousands of people around yet no one noticed me (and I was okay with it).

…I owned the world for a minute; I still do…that minute is not over yet.

Princesa Karolita

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